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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Alix's dog can poop!

My son is such a silly little boy. My husband and I decided, yesterday, to go through his ever multiplying hoard of toys and donate what we deemed unnecessary for him to still have. (We own our thanks to the grandparents and Aunt's for almost all of it.) He was a brave boy, and I told him as much. He found new and exciting things to play with that he didn't even know he had.
Later that day he started playing with some farm animals that my mother had gotten him some time ago. Included in this set was a collie dog.

He came into the living room where I was and in a very serious tone explained to me that he thinks that his dog could poop. Well I gave him the normal reaction and encouragement he needed. My daughter , however, asked him if she could see it. He handed it too her and she inspected it while he explained why he thought that. Then out of know where she began hysterically laughing and told me that Alix was right he could poop. I then decided to look myself.

The collie dog isn't anatomically correct, but it did have a 'hole' in that area. But as we all know that is just there for manufacturing purposes. Kids are so silly. And the way they think is often times so hilarious.

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