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Thursday, September 1, 2011

More hats!!

Just wanted you guys to see my latest hat creations. What do you think? I'm gonna sell them. I need to do some finishing touches on the gray and green one, but that's them.

Here are some link's to great hat idea's for the entire family.

Suzie's Stuff  has this hat that like all other hats can be customizable for anyone.

CrochetBriocheHat from Megan Mills

Kollegiatehooker Blogspot has mad a great emo hat with a brim on it.

Vallies Kids has a great hat to make.

The oh so popular Owl Hat. I love this particular pattern most of all. Wholewheat did a great job.

Headhuggers are hats great for people receiving chemo.

Warrior Baby Helmet's for the little ones.

Gatsby Cloche Crochet Pattern from Stitch Diva

Snowboarder's Hat

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